Gianni Menichetti lives with his family of animals in a wild canyon near Positano, on the Amalfi coast in Italy. He is a man of many talents, a gifted artist, romantic poet, natural philosopher and passionate activist, endeavoring to save his hidden valley home from developers.

Watch the video about Gianni, his animals, art & poetry in his valley home.

"His Savage Mistress" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tK1tflgkX8A


"Gianni Menichetti in his Wild Canyon" (c) Lina Eve

When Gianni first arrived in the valley of Il Porto at18 years of age,
the exotically beautiful Vali Myers, was the undisputed Queen of the wild canyon. Vali was an extraordinary artist and dancer. A free spirit, who found the Moorish pavilion and its walled garden whilst exploring the deep valley. She made her home there for more than 40 years, collecting a large and varied family of animals.

Not long after his arrival, Gianni became Vali's lover and willing slave, and she, his Goddess, mentor and muse. With Vali as his teacher, Gianni learnt fluent English, a wealth of poetry and literature, hundreds of songs, and a charming collection of colloquial Australian sayings.

"Vali, Gianni & Toads, 1972" (c) Rudi Rappold

Living with Vali in the wild canyon made the boy a man. He would run down the rocky incline from the pavilion to the village road and back, carrying huge bags of food for the animals. This almost daily practise hardened his body, whilst his mind and soul turned to poetry and art.

Over the years Vali travelled far from her burrow to sell her beautiful work.
In the last 10 years of her life, Vali returned to Australia, finding a 2nd home there. She came back to the wild canyon when she could, whilst Gianni stayed in Italy, taking care of their animal family and valley home.

Keeping the Wildlife Sanctuary safe from developers has been an ongoing battle for Gianni, as it was for Vali for so many decades.

Gianni Menichetti's art and poetry is represented in numerous private collections in Europe, America and Australia. He has received three distinguished awards at the International Gypsy Friend Arts Competition, Lanciano, Italy.

His books include, The Land of Kali, A Tree of Tatters, and Poems to the Gypsies, Il Porto, storia di un canyon selvaggio, (in English and Italian) Storie di Cani, (in Italian) and his latest book, Vali Myers, a Memoir, the incredible story of the 30 years he spent living with Vali Myers.

(from the back inside cover "Vali Myers, A Memoir", Gianni Menichetti)


"Vali Myers, A Memoir" by Gianni Menichetti

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